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Find. Save. Share.

the perfect running event using your mobile device.

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About RunWild app
RunWildApp is a free Mobile application for the over 6 million runners in the U.S. to share their best events, trails, restaurants, scenic views, gear shops, provisions and more.

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    Find. favorite spots around the world

    The mobile app utilizes Google Maps and your device's GPS function to help you find running events both locally and around the world.

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    Save. locations near the event

    You can 'drop' a pin to save the location of a favorite trail, track, retail or restaurant.

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    Share. Either publicly or stay private

    You have the power to be social with your RunWildApp mobile app - you can share events and pins with the public or your friends.

App features.

RunWildApp give you the power of social media and Google Maps all in one...

  • It's free. No credit card required
  • Find any running event in the world
  • Keep up with your friends on the Feed and Map Walls
  • See events happening at any running event
  • Easy to use built in Instant Messanger
  • Drop location pins for your favorite spots
  • Function to send an emergency hail to all App users in the area

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